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Dream Bits-n-Pieces

We live in a culture that carries strong messages about “not-enough-ness.” I didn’t sleep enough. I don’t know enough. I haven’t practiced enough. We can be hoodwinked into thinking that what we’ve remembered is not enough. Fortunately, our dream helpers can be very succinct in their messaging. Here’s an early dream of mine:


A very young girl plays the piano beautifully in the distance

In reflecting on the dream, I remember that I am listening to the girl play from the back of an empty auditorium. She is on a stage and although I can’t see her very well, I can hear her. This dream fragment is bare bones, right? Although I had the dream three-and-a-half years ago, I can feel that moment as I write now.

A memory surfaces. A keyboard. I am five years old. My Christmas gift – a tiny Emenee organ. I’m thrilled. I can feel my distance from the girl on the stage and my desire to be closer to her. Somehow, I can also feel into my sadness about this distance.

In Mary Jo Heyen’s book Who Are Those Guys, she encourages us “to pay particular attention to children in our dreams, because we’ve learned that they often carry and reflect an aspect of our soul. How we see them and relate to them in our dreams is often a reflection of how we are in relationship to our soul.”

When I wrote down the dream, I had no notion of its significance. Despite the shortness of the dream, this little girl was there at the beginning of my dreamwork journey to help me see how far I felt from my soulfulness.

In Natural Dreamwork the dream fragments and snippets are welcome. They often take us straight to the heart of our inner work.

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