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Dreams Awaken our Inner Wisdom (2 hours)


Dreaming Consciously (4, 5, 6-week session – 1.5 to 2 hours)

In this multi-week series 


Workshops:  Dreams, Art, and Movement (half day or full day)

Blending art, music, and movement with dream work, this workshop utilizes multiple creative paths to reach the deeper self, expand the field of personal awareness and access the body’s innate wisdom.  It’s a fun, freeing way to explore your unique creativity, discover new self-awareness, and empower yourself to move forward in life.


This method is inspired by C. G. Jung’s breakthrough work on active imagination.  As a means of healing himself from within, Jung reconnected with his creative spirit by recovering the spirit of play that was part of his childhood.  By using imagination and fantasies, along with the dream, we, too, can re-member aspects of our True Self and recover wholeness. Opening up the field of awareness in this way allows us greater access to our creative genius, both individually and as a group body.


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